See something you like?

Art objects present in the gallery can be purchased directly while you are there. We request that any purchased artwork from the monthly “Featured Artist” display remain in the gallery until the end of that month’s show. These purchased items will be clearly marked with a red label, held for you, and can be picked up at the end of the month. All other purchased art objects can be removed from the gallery at the time of purchase.

If you wish to purchase something you remember seeing in the gallery or shown on our website, but which is not present in the gallery, inform the person at the desk either in person or by phone. The desk person will then contact the artist to determine availability and price of the item, and will get back to you as soon as possible.

We accept cash, checks and major credit & debit cards.

We can even arrange to ship your purchases for you.

Call or visit Collective Visions (360-377-8327) during our business hours, Wednesday thru Saturday 11am-6pm, Sunday 12 noon-4pm