AUGUST, 2015

August Shows run August 5 - August 30
First Friday Artwalk August 7th, 5 to 8 pm

In The Main Gallery

Bill Walcott
Recent Paintings

"On Center Stage", Acrylic

Bill’s subject matter is eclectic. Everything interests and inspires him. In this exhibition he explores subjects starting with the very small (such as honey bees and humming birds) and gradually progressing to the very large (novel views of unlikely objects in outer space).

"This show is comprised of paintings I have completed over the past few years. My subject matter is eclectic. I tend to focus on the flora and fauna seen in my own back yard, on fruits and vegetables from my kitchen, and on inanimate objects from my house or yard. Occasionally I extend my view to include local scenes, or to include more exotic animals or birds found in local zoos.

My painting style is decidedly realistic, and sometimes tends to the surrealistic. I like the viewer to take in “the whole picture” with a first glance, but then to appreciate the details and subtleties upon closer inspection of the painting.

Most of the paintings in this exhibit were done in acrylic, but a few were done in oil. I like to work in both mediums, but have found acrylic to be preferable to oil with bird or animal paintings because the acrylic paint dries so much faster, allowing me to apply many layers in a shorter period of time. Regardless of the medium, my oil and acrylic paintings appear visually similar, such that the viewer (including myself) usually can’t determine which medium was used. Because of this, I always mark on the back of my acrylic paintings (they are always on prepared panels) the medium and varnishes used."

In The Boardroom Gallery

Guest Artist: Gail Hornsby
Only One
"Only One", Acrylic

Colorful bold acrylics depicting one person or a singular subject invite the viewer to contemplate the image and its possibilities....unlimited.

Aaron McFadden

Aaron McFadden


Themed Show

Astronomy Art

 World Class Science Conference coming to Bremerton
In conjunction with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) Convention
in Bremerton, August 16-20

Tuesday, August 18:

Astronomy Slam at Collective Visions Gallery
conversations and stories featuring leading astronomers from around the world
Begins at 7pm - open to the public.

Bill Walcott, Yet Another Starry Night  Alan Newberg Night Sky Over Assisi

The most ambitious astronomical sky survey ever conducted begins in 2020. From its site on a peak in the Andes, The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope’s deep, wide and fast imaging capabilities will allow it to capture the entire night sky --some 50 terabytes worth of data -- every three days. This remarkable instrument will produce hundreds of exposures for tens of billions of galaxies and stars, and millions of solar system objects during its ten year mission. In just its first month of operations, LSST will obtain more data than all of the telescopes in history combined; it will revolutionize our understanding of the Universe.

For ten years, an international consortium of universities and corporations has been building the hardware, the software, and the site in preparation for first light. The team comes together for a week every year to learn from each other and evaluate our progress. This year the annual gathering will be held in downtown Bremerton at the Kitsap Convention Center. Over two hundred of the world’s best astronomers will be in Bremerton August 16-20, conducting meetings during the day and exploring the area in the evening.

Five public talks will be held in one of the downtown Bremerton SeeFilm 100 seat theaters the week of August 16-20, describing what the telescope will learn about the solar system, stars, galaxies and the cosmos. One of the talks will be entirely in Spanish. We plan to have a few additional talks at the Pacific Planetarium (at 817 Pacific Avenue in downtown Bremerton) to take advantage of the enormous talent available. An Astronomy Slam is being planned for Tuesday, in which visiting astronomers will give 15-20 minutes talks in different venues (e.g. the Toro, Collective Visions, Lovecraft Brewing). The Olympic Astronomical Society will put up telescopes in downtown Bremerton.


Featured Artist for September at CVG

in the main gallery

Paula Gill

“Exploring the Edge: Meditations on the Coast”
Ceramic Tiles and Woodblock Prints

Inspired by the Pacific Northwest coast, Paula Gill explores the edge where land meets water in a new series of tiles and woodblock prints. Through the solid media of ceramics, ink and paper, she captures the insubstantial and watery expressions of the coastal terrain and atmosphere.

Paula Gill Morning Fog
Morning Fog

in the Boardroom
CVG Member Artists

Beheim Adoration
Jackie Bush-Turner "Wetland Crossing"

guitarist, Andres Condon Vial




Notable Events

THE CVG SHOW - Juried Art Show 

The CALL FOR ARTISTS to the 9th Annual CVG Show begins soon