Early years spent in Nova Scotia as a student of music and ballet prepared her for the time she spent as a professional ice skater with the Ice Capades where she met her husband and then moved to Gorst, Washington to raise a family

She attended Olympic College earning an Associate of Arts degree followed by an Independent Study Program to advance the Collagraph Print.

A painter and printmaker, she has earned many awards and has exhibited in many galleries including the Bellevue Art Museum.

The unusual quality of the Collagraph Print is the textural aspect. The "glue down anything" on a board, ink it, and print it is a simple idea taken through many complex steps to arrive at the final print. The work is printed on an Alps press. Because of the intense labor involved in building and printing the plate, each print is like a new variation of the work unlike a seragraph or a lithograph. It is because of this that each plate is printed in a small edition numbering only from five to twenty each.