My goal is to produce sculptural work that can engage viewers with the kind of complete, profound, enriching absorption that we have all experienced with certain pieces of art and craftwork. This kind of connection is a priceless element of human experience and can lift us to new levels of emotional being. I recognize that this level of artistic production is not easily attained; it is a goal, and every step along the road to its attainment is a significant milestone and every small victory is a joy. My natural leaning is to work primarily with the figure in abstract form: we all sense ourselves when we experience figurative art. My approach is to work in ceramics with atmospheric firings, that is, using either soda ash or extended wood firing to supply color and gesture to the surfaces.


I have taken courses in ceramics and art at New Mexico Tech, Glendale City College, Olympic College and Tacoma City College. I have had classes in community centers In La Canada CA and Sierra Madre CA and have attended numerous workshops. My work has been shown in numerous juried shows in Washington and California and is in some private collections.

I have entered ceramic sculpture after forty years in scientific research. That career was stimulating and rewarding, and I count as a significant benefit the fact that I traveled the world for scientific meetings and field work and was able to visit wonderful art museums and view public art everywhere I went. In addition my time in Earth science provided me with a lasting love for the natural forms and textures. I determined that after my scientific curiosities were satisfied, I would devote myself to expression in art, and I have chosen ceramic sculpture as my medium.